2015/17 Master of Art in the Public Sphere. Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais (changed name to EDHEA).

2010/14 Bachelor of Fine Art. University of Witwatersrand.

2005 IEB Matric: Distinctions in Art, Biology and Math. Academic Colours. Durban Girls’ College.

Additional Course/ workshops

2022 Teaching with Technology and Inquiry: an open online course (currently enrolled) http://www.edx.org : University of Toronto.

2014 French beginners level A1. Alliance Francais.

2008 Interior Design Drawing Course. Drafting Academy in Rivonia.

Grants/ Scholarships

2015/17 Hans Joerg Wyss Scholarship for Masters of Art Program at Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais.

2014 National Arts Council funding grant for final year of studies.

2015 The Last Supper a project by Gina Kraft at The Goethe Institute on Main, in Johannesburg, from the 23 April to the 4 June.

2013 Play>Urban in Strasbourg, France, October.


2017 Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais diploma exhibition, Sierre, Switzerland, 30 June.

2016 Documentation performance evening at Maxx Project Space in Sierre, 23 March.

2016 MAPS exhibition at Maxxx Project Space in Sierre, 16/7 January.

2015 Assemblage open studios at Assemblage in Newtown, Johannesburg on the 4 June.

2014 Newwork’14 Graduation Show at the Wits Art Museum from 25-15 November.

2014 Boda Boda Lounge Video Art Project showing 21-24 November in 12 different spaces on the African Continent, namely: VANSA, Picha, E.studio, ZeroArtPoint, KinArtStudios, Addis School of Fine Arts and Design, Voices in Colour, Townhouse, 32Degrees East, VAN Lagos, Njele Art Station, Medina and Center Soleil de Afrique.

2014 Newwork ’14 Art Auction on the 18th September at Kalashnikov Gallery, Johannesburg.

2014 Cascade ZA playful interventions at the Tetrafix party on the 12th September, apart of the Amaze Festival, Johannesburg.

2014 ‘Gesture’– A Group Exhibition on the 21st August at Kalashnikov Gallery. Performed The Last Supper with Gina Kraft.

2014 Ideally: Martienssen competition on the 29th July. Awarded runner up prize at Wits.

2014 My first solo exhibition at Hei Cafe on the 11th June, in Johannesburg.

2014 The Last Supper Performance with Gina Kraft outside the Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Johannesburg, on 16th April.

2013 Again and Again too: Martienssen competition finalist at Wits School of Arts.

2013 Play::Transform a UV art experience with Temba Middelmann, in Johannesburg.

2012 Make love & Make Art, an exhibition with Temba Middelmann, in Johannesburg.


2019 Presented Public Art Tours: Interventions in Johannesburg, at the ECAS 2019, Africa: Connections and Disruptions, Conference in Edinburgh.

2017 Facilitated a workshop introducing Public Art practices to 2nd year Fine Art students at the Wits School of Arts, 3 October.

2017 Presented at the Open Critics at Maxxx project space in Sierre, Switzerland, 3 April.

2016 Performed and cooked at the BONE performance festival in Bern, Switzerland, 29 November- 5 December.

2016 Interactive installation at the Third Space Symposium in Cape Town, 14 May.

2016 Performed at the ACT performance festival in Basel, 23 April.

2016 Performed at the ACT performance festival in Zurich, 16 April.

2016 Participated in Winter School organised by the Dublin School of Creative Arts, Dublin Institute of Technology, in collaboration with St Lucas, Antwerpen and ECAV, Sierre. 25-29 January.

2014 A part of the organisation comity for the 99% Local Festival that took place on 1 November.

2014 Participant in the onedotzero cascade_ZA workshop in association with the British Arts Council and Amaze Festival, Johannesburg, 8-13 September.

2014 Invited to The Brightest Young Minds Summit, Johannesburg, 29 August- 2 September.

2014 Contributed to the Art and Activism discussions with Francis Burger and the Are We Powerful? NGO, at the Wits School of Arts.

2014 Performed The Last Supper at The Detour Festivals, at Wits, with Gina Kraft, 9 May.

2014 Participant in The Performing Failure workshop with Murray Kruger at the Bag Factory, 17-20 April.

2013 Performance and presentation at The Creative Exchange Student Conference at Wits.


2017 Blackout Journal, art work(ers) research project by Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais, featuring Public Art Tours self guided tour of Chippis.

2014 Boda Boda Lounge Project, publication featuring Bleached Lips video work.

2014 NEWWORK13, Wits School of the Arts Graduate Catalogue, contributed to layout and content. Published by Wits Press.

2014 The Creative Exchange Student Conference, publication featuring Build Your Own World project.

2013 The Creative Exchange Student Conference, publication featuring fair Chrisantha.

2013 PLAY URBAN, annual publication, independently published.


2018/22 Marketing Director at Durban Shopfitting & Interiors
(part-time 2018, full-time 2019 to present)
Research construction happening on the African continent. Funding and tender applications. Brand Management and Professional Communication. Social and Environmental Responsibility Initiatives: https://durbanshopfitting.co.za/social-responsibility/

2018/9 Creative Project Manager at The Coloured Cube (ended February 2019)
Ground level Project Management for The Makers’ Way community focused initiative funded by the U.S Embassy.
Conceptualised and acquired funding for the Kids Market Make Off project funded by the National Arts Council. I planned and facilitated the first round of workshops at Jeppe Preparatory School for the Grade 6 learners. Research and development for a division of the company called the Creative co-LAB.

2017/8 Intern at The Coloured Cube (start December 2017 for 11 months) Sponsored by Visual Arts Network of South Africa.
Founded and managed Precious Plastics and related community focused initiatives. Designing and implementing skills development workshops.
Facilitated Build Your Own World workshops for surrounding community. Research, reporting and finding opportunities.

2015 Amanda Scholtz (Independent Set Decorator): Set dresser on Lafras Production (PTY)LTD. (29 April- 17 June)

2015 Aimee Pullon (Independent Art Director): Props assistant on a Golden Cloud commercial by BeatRoute Productions (23-25 March)

2015 Aimee Pullon: Assisted on a documentary style shoot for the Special Olympics by Africa Film Services (5-6 March)

2015 Aimee Pullon: Assisted on a short marketing video by Mann Made Media for Barclays(January)

2014 Can O Baked Beans (Media Company): Internship (July- September)

2014 The Forum Company: Internship related to Turbine Art Fair (June- July) 2014 Urban Works (Architecture & Urbanism): Internship (March- April)

Notable Achievements

2020/22 Cook and donate a big pot of food every Thursday to a soup kitchen in my area which started soon after the first Covid-19 lockdown in S.A.

2014/21 Build Your Own World. A project with Durban Shopfitting and Interiors taking wooden offcuts and making building blocks with the public.

2005/21 Mother of Peace Orphanage in Illovo: Organise a Christmas eve party with family and friends for the past 16 years.

2015 Received the Standard Bank Fine Arts award from the Wits School of Arts. 2012 Cheshire Home in Chatsworth: Painted an educational mural


English: 1st

Zulu: 2nd

French: 3rd


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